US Yoga Alliance YACEP Postnatal Yoga Training

American Yoga Alliance YACEP Postpartum Yoga Training Course Gui

Students can choose face-to-face or online learning
This training course is suitable for all people who are interested in yoga during pregnancy and postpartum

Course Date: 26-28 May, 2023
Time: 10:00 -19:00 
Location: 15/F, 83 Wan Chai Road
Tutor: Doris Li
Language of instruction: Chinese
Tuition fee: HKD 3,880.00 / Early bird price HKD 3,200.00 (until 25 Apr,2023)
Online Learning Tuition:
HKD 3,200.00 / Early bird price: HKD 2800.00 (ends on 25 Apr, 2023)

Attendance 90% will be awarded a certificate of attendance for postpartum yoga training

Course registration or inquiry: Whatsapp 63673650

Online registration or payment: Yoga Course-Postnatal-Yoga

1. Postpartum anatomy and physiology
Changes in postpartum body structure, hormone levels and physical functions
Postpartum physical assessment
Understanding postpartum depression and ways to help mothers
How to deal with natural birth wounds, sutures and caesarean section and recovery period
Postpartum symptoms and causes of pain

2. Asana practice
Integrated exercises for core muscles
Practice for the symptoms of gastroptosis and uterine ptosis
Exercises for pelvic floor muscles
Separate exercises for rectus abdominis
Exercises for joint pain
Yoga sequence for interacting with babies

3. Teaching Skills
Physical precautions for post-natal exercises
Postpartum Yoga Class and Difficulty Arrangement
Myofascial massage technique
Various training tools and uses
Parent-child yoga choreography

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