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RYT 200 hours Vinyasa  Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course  


Flow Yoga is an art of human movement that pays attention to pulsation. During practice,
 it is recommended that one breath cooperate with one movement, and the flow of asanas
 is guided by the breathing rhythm, and the body and mind are united in the flow of asanas.
 We know that yoga is both an art and a science. Every thought in the brain can affect the
 movement of the body. When you begin to pay attention to the breath, focus on the inside, 
and understand the true purpose of asanas and breathing, you can reach the state of
 physical and mental integration. 

As a yoga instructor, we must ensure that the premise of the students’
 practice is safe and effective. In this course, you will learn how
 to observe the postures and the whole-stage yoga class arrangement skills, 
such as judging whether the students can complete the hand balance from the sun 
salutation practice. Asanas, or the ability to understand the students’ lack of ability
 to give targeted corrective guidance and training, after the course is completed,
 they will master the skills of flexible classroom layout, suitable for practitioners of 
different levels, and can guide their own practice more effectively.
Why choose AUM Yoga *20 hours of online learning, and other online resources
 to facilitate learning and review *Asanas combine traditional yoga and modern 
anatomy *Part of the anatomy content is taught by medical professionals and 
physiotherapists in Hong Kong rehabilitation services *Direct correspondence 
to RYT 500 courses *Part-time, students can allocate their own learning progress
 according to their personal time * The main content of the course is Vinyasa Flow,
 which also focuses on anatomy and pathology. Students will also have a deeper
 understanding of the true meaning of yoga, analyze and anatomize each type of 
posture, so as to master the key points of the lesson *Q & A teaching helps students 
establish their own teaching style and practice methods *The teaching assistant part 
can practice expression skills, observation skills and establish interpersonal communication *
 The courses of Aum Yoga Academy are recognized by Hong Kong Rehabilitation Service
Course Date: Core part (Part 1-3) 
Part 1-Yoga History and Philosophy 2023 
3,4,10,11 Jun 2023                (14:30-19:30) 
Part 2-Physiology and Anatomy 2023 
17,18 Jun ,29,30 Jul 2023     (14:30-19:30) 
Part 3- Teaching Skills
12,13,26,27 Aug 2023           (14:30-19:30) 
Other parts are self-paced, Part 4 can start immediately after registration
Core course address: 7th Floor Park Hovan Commercial Building , No18 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
school address:
1. 26th Floor Hankow Jordan Center , No 7 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
2. 15th Floor, 83 Wan Chai Road
Tuition fee: HKD 30000.00 / HKD 28,000.00 (one-time payment)
Credit Card Installment: HKD 2500 x 12 installments
HKD 5000 x 6 issues

Phone/Whatsapp Enquiry: 54079477/67092468
Course content Course Syllabus 

Part 1-Yoga History and Philosophy 20 hours plus 10 hours of online learning for a total 
of 30 hours Yoga History Chakra and Nadis Asana Analysis Short Sanskrit Vocabulary Mindful
 Meditation Mindful Meditation Contemporary Yoga Style and Analysis Contemporary Yoga Style 
and Analysis Kriyas Practice Yoga Diet Yoga Teacher Ethics & Style 

Part 2-Human Anatomy and Physiology, 20 hours in total Skeletal & Muscular System and Function
 Myofascia system Myofascia system Types and Function of Joints Relationship between Asana 
and Human Circulatory System Yoga Anatomy Concrete Practice Types of Stretching and Apply
 Technique Basic Kinesiology Terminology Of Movement Human Posture Ocular Estimation
Part 3- Teaching Methodology, 20 hours plus 10 hours of online learning for a total 
of 30 hours Vinyasa Class Sequence Mastery and Skills
 The art of speaking Verbal Skill and Speech Technique Demonstration Technique Urban Pain
 Condition and Management Modern Pain Condition and management Asana Redress and Precaution
 Pranayama and Bandha Teaching Technique Chakra and Nadis application 5 Categories of Yoga Alignment
 5 Categories of Yoga Alignment Order of Human Movement 

Part 4-Technique Training and Practice (Own Schedule) Technique Training and Practice (Own Schedule)
 90 hours plus 10 hours of online learning for a total of 100 hours Pranayama, Bandha and Asana Practice Pranayama, Bandha and Asana Practice Enhance Skill and Prop usage 
Part 5-Teaching Assistant 20 hours (optional time) Class Assistant 20 hours (Own Schedule) Class Observation Class Assistant (Minimum 15 hours)

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