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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course  

US Yoga Alliance CEU


Aerial Yoga was founded in 1991 in Manhattan, United States began aerial yoga courses, aerial yoga popular in major cities in the past five years, people  can experience swing, rotation, flip in the hammock. 

The art of aerial has a colorful history including the trapeze, Roman ring, air strap, aerial silk and hammocks. These devices actually have been developed for centuries. The aerial hammock is the latest one. It was recorded in the French circus school that first appeared in 1959. Until recently its structure and tools have been turned into a kind of performing arts equipment, and aerial yoga provides a way for ordinary people to enter. The air to experience the magic of flying in the air

This  training course is focuses to  physical and mental balance. It is not acrobatic movements and choreography. It focuses on gracefulness and coherence of action. It includes Yin movements, muscle training, body balance and stretching. Each movement is based on yoga.

Course Signature: 

Count as US Yoga Alliance CEU Unit

Divided into two levels to allow students plenty of time to practice

Aerial Yoga Teacher Certificate Course 

How to coherent air movements and teach more than 80 asanas

How to Use Hammock to Strengthen Balance, Reverse, Stretch and Strength

The main content of the course is Aerial Flow. It also focuses on anatomy. Students will also learn more about the true meaning of the movement and analyze each movement of the anatomy to grasp the teaching focus.

Teaching class security settings, prevention of injuries and emergency handling

Q&A helps students to establish their own teaching style and practice methods

Course Duration: 35 Hours

Part 1 – Core Program 

10 hours

1.1 Yoga Philosophy 

1.2  Anatomy 

1.3  Hammock Adjustment and Maintenance

1.4  Aerial Asana Technique upgrade and prop usage 

1.5  Safety and Precaution

1.6  Teaching Methodology

1.7  Aerial Flow Content Compilation 

1.8  Class Sequence and Arrangement Design 

1.9  Verbal Skill and Speech Technique

1.10 Demonstration Technique 

1.11 Accident Management

Part 2 Group Class Practice

15 hours

Part 3  Practicum

10 hours

3.1 Class Assistance 

3.2 Class Observation

Advanced Aerial Yoga Teacher Certificate Course 

Learn advanced aerial asanas and demonstration techniques

Aerial sub-series, build different levels of aerial dance

Learn to design different types of classes, including aerial  therapy, aerial fitness, aerial dance and aerial stretching

Use hammock to improveurban pain symptom  such as vertebral column symptoms, sciatica, frozen shoulder, etc.

How to improve students' aerial skills

Duration: 35 Hours 

Entry Requirement: Completed Aerial Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Course Contents (Total 35 hrs)

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