4D PRO® Bungee Fitness is the latest fitness equipment made up of a set of 4 slingshot slings. It is a sling device invented by Dr. Dr. HOMAYUN GHARAVI (MD, PHD), a German sports surgeon and sports physicist and Olympic coach. 4D PRO® can adjust the minimum six combinations setting. The training mode set for professional athletes, regardless of injury, obesity and the elderly can use bounce resistance to reduce weight pressure and process effective training

Hong Kong Aum Yoga Academy introduced 4D PRO® to Asia in 2016. It has triggered a trend in Hong Kong and has been reported by news and media. Hong Kong Aum Yoga Academy is the only organization that can conduct training and issue certificates.

4D PRO® Training Concepts is logical and can be applied to everyone, from professional athletes to non-athletes, to any age group and physical condition. Bounce can bring us four kinds of experience: fun; light and heavy experience; effective body sculpting and muscle training; health and intellectual training

This course will teach you everything you need to know to facilitate innovative and unique 4D PRO® Group Training sessions. You will graduate from the course with complete class profiles you can use to teach right away. You will also be familiar with the exercise variations that will make it possible for you to effectively design the training programs for every performance level.

Start date: April 11, 13 2023

Time: 10:00-18:00

Language: Chinese / English

Address: 15th Floor, 83 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai

Registration and enquiries: Whatsapp +852 63673650 / +852 54079477

tuition fee:

A) HKD 6,980.00 (including a 4D PRO® vest and a set of 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer worth HKD 3,288.00)

😎 HKD 4,880 (includes a 4D PRO® vest)

💖 HKD 4,200for registration before 10 Mar 2023

Tutor: Doris Li

Entry Requirement:  Completed Aum Yoga Foundation Study / Related Fitness field Certificate  and basic Anatomy Trianing


Brief introduction to 4D PRO® total body exercise

Key training effects of the 4D PRO®

Target groups and counter indications

Effective structure of a 4D PRO® course in stages X-Press = 30 minutes and Total Body = 45-60 minutes

Modular concept of the 4D PRO® group course

Myofascia Meridian Introduction



Correct basic positions

Practical exercises for a Group Fitness Training with the 4D PRO® sling trainer and sequence

4D PRO® 6 combination setting

Various exercises for different levels of training

Responsibilities of the trainer at 4D PRO® Group Fitness including:

Teaching skills such as effective cueing/facilitation in Group Fitness and special 4D PRO® cues

Effective and meaningful corrections in Group Fitness during 4D PRO® Training

Precaution and Safety 

4DPRO® Equipment Maintenance 

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