Functional Anatomy of Movement Course 
Human anatomy is not only the foundation of every medical professional, but also a necessary knowledge for sports coaches. This course is not limited to the knowledge in books, but also applies to practical applications. 
Functional anatomy with myofascial as the theme, using basic structural knowledge provided in human anatomy, to understand the functional significance of the structure of the musculoskeletal fascia system in the sports environment (covering mechanical and functional characteristics). In addition to normal functions, the mechanisms and adaptability of common injuries, diseases and rehabilitation are also discussed. 
Please note that although this course covers the biological effects of dysfunction and rehabilitation, it is not a course in clinical anatomy or musculoskeletal rehabilitation. There are a lot of professional vocabulary involved in the course, as well as a lot of clinical practice of human movement! 
This course is constructed on the basis of structural anatomy through the application of kinematic principles and anatomical terms, through the analysis of motion. 
The instructor will also use videos and medical materials to help students understand the course content from the shallower to the deeper. 
Suitable for: 
*It is helpful for people who exercise properly. Those who are interested in the practical application of human anatomy! 
*All sports coaches, such as yoga instructors, sports coaches, and stretching therapists who want to improve their teaching skills
Suitable for: 
People who are interested in practical human anatomy applications 
Want to improve sports skills 
Yoga instructors, sports coaches, stretching therapists and other physical activity coaches who want to improve their sports teaching skills 

Tutor: Doris Li 
Germany 4D PRO Master Trainer 
Authorized instructor of Sling in Motion, Switzerland 
Japan Wave Stretch Master Trainer 
RYS 500 trainer 
RPYS trainer 

 Class address: Tsim Sha Tsui 

 Language of instruction: Cantonese

Date:4-5,18-19 FEB 2023
Time: 12:00-20:00 (4-5 FEB)上肢
          11:00-17:00 (18 FEB),12:00-20:00 (19 FEB)下肢

Fee: HKD 8960
Early bird: HKD 8240
(Early bird price until 10 JAN 2023) 
The tuition includes a color-printed textbook 

 Certificate: Certificate of Attendance (YACEP, American Yoga Alliance) 

Tuition Early Bird Payment Link: Functional Anatomy Course 

 Whatsapp enquiry: Tsim Sha Tsui 63673650, Wan Chai 5407 9477 
course structure:  1. Basic Kinesiology 
2. Human anatomy terms 
3. Sports Biomechanics 
4. Muscle type and function 
5. Types and characteristics of skeletal muscle contraction 
6. Coordination between muscles 
7. Overview of the neurosensory system 
8. Functional anatomy of main muscles, starting and ending points and the relationship between: 
Neck muscles 
Shoulder muscles 
Back muscles 
Thoracic and abdominal muscles 
Upper limb muscles 
Hip muscles 
Lower limb muscles 
9. How to use functional anatomy in training 
1. The course requires 80% attendance to be awarded an attendance certificate 
2. Requests for refunds one month before the course start date will be deducted 4% of the bank handling fee and HKD 500 administrative fee; requests for refunds 7 days before the course start date will receive a 50% tuition refund and an additional 4% of the total amount will be deducted from the bank Handling fee; no refund request will be accepted within 7 days before the course start date 
3. If you want to transfer to another person, please submit it 7 days before the start date of the course 
4. No video or audio recording is allowed during the course 
5. Tuition fees cannot be exchanged for cash

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