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Anatomy Trains ® Slings in Motion



Anatomy Trains ® in Motion is filled with functional anatomy, movement relevant information and practical applications that not only sound good on paper, but also work well in real life.

At the heart of the course are the myofascial meridians. Understanding the lines’ integral anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable for body reading, clear movement intention, lesson planning and teaching. Yes, myofascial meridians are so much more than ‘lines’ that can be ‘superimposed’ onto exercises!

The essential events of walking, or said differently, the necessary motions for engaging myofascial meridians efficiently in gait, are a theme that runs throughout the 3 days.

All of the theory is “translated” into movement with lots of exercises, functional sequences and a specifically designed Anatomy Trains in Motion lesson.

If you love integral anatomy and want to gain an extensive understanding of the Anatomy Trains body map through movement, this course is for you.


Anatomy Trains Body Map

In the Body Map section of the course we will discuss Anatomy Trains as a practical guide for movement teachers.

Myofascial Meridians in Motion

The first four Myofascial Meridians are discussed and explored in detail, with the Arm and Functional Lines layered in. An overview of the Deep Front Line and practical applications is also included:

Superficial Back Line. Included: Back Arm Lines.

Superficial Front Line. Included: Front Arm Lines.

Lateral Line.

Spiral Line.Included: Functional Lines.

Deep Front Line.

The main goals are:

Know the myofascial components of each meridian.

Experience each line in motion.

Get a sense of each meridian’s sensory qualities.

Recognize their influence on postural and movement patterns.

Understand their interconnected nature.

The base teaching structure is as follows:

Each meridian is experienced with a specifically sequenced exercise selection.

Each meridian’s myofascial anatomy is discussed and practical applications included.

General postural, movement and training considerations are discussed.

Body Reading

Body Reading revolves around holistic postural and movement evaluation. You are training your eyes to recognize structural relationships and corresponding patterns in the myofascial meridians.

Essential Events

Essential events are key joint actions for walking that engage the lines most efficiently. In other words, essential events facilitate the freedom of movement that allows you walk with ease; therefore they will be discussed during the course and incorporated in practise.

Anatomy Trains in Motion Lesson

The course starts and finishes with a seamless movement class comprising purposefully sequenced exercises in which:

                  Each myofascial meridian is focused on with clear intention.

                  Essential movement events are improved.

                  Myofascial training techniques are incorporated.


3 days/21 hours.


Movement or bodywork certification.


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