RYT 200 hours Vinyasa  Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course 


Vinyasa Yoga is art of human body movement, through the pranayama, meditation and rhythm of body to understand and feel your inner self. 

It must first understand what yoga is. Every thought in the brain can affect the movement of the body. When you really understand the purpose of yoga and pranayama, you can open your own mind and body.

The priority of a yoga teacher is to let students practice safely and effectively. In this course you will learn how to observe the asana and arrange a  yoga sequence. For example, from Sun Sulation we will know if the student is ready to achieve arm balance or maybe lack of some movement ability so cannot, then we can adjust the student effectively and design specific practice. After graduation, students should be able to teach different class topic for different levels of people, and student can also practice themselves more effectively.

Course Signature 

Training hours can be accumulative; student might enroll the Foundation Training Course first then decide if continue the study. Own schedule your practice within 9 months. 

Part-time course, students can finish the course accordingly to their own pace.

Directly connected to RYT 500 courses.

The course not limited to Vinyasa Flow and Asana, it is also integrated Yoga with Anatomy and Physiology application. Each Asana postures will be well analyzed, students would able to identify the main purpose of asana.

Q&A teaching method could help student to establish their own teaching style, and be able to design efficient ways and sequences for yoga practice. 

In Part 5 Class Assistance, students could develop skill of communication, observation, and to build up relationship between each other.

After finishing the course, student can apply for teaching position, it helps to build up teaching experience for a new yoga teacher.

Courses of Aum Yoga Academy received accreditation from Hong Kong Rehabilitation Service .

Part of Anatomy Section is conducted by licensed medical professionals from Hong Kong Rehabilitation Service.

Course Duration: 9 months

Entry Requirements: None 

Start Date: 21 Sep 2019


Core Program  (Part 1-3) 

Time : 1430-1930 

Sep  21,22

Oct 12,13,26,27

Nov  9,10,16,17,23,24 

Dec 7,8,14,15

Self-manage the progress for other sessions

Venue : 6A, Hankow Road Maxwell Centre , TST 

HKD : 2,8000 (Early bird HKD 2,6000 21 Aug)

Course Syllabus

Part 1 - Yoga History and Philosophy 30 hours

- Yoga History
- Chakra and Nadis
- Asana Analysis
- Short Sanskrit Vocabulary
- Meditation
- Contemprary Yoga Style and Analysis
- Ayurveda
- Kriyas Practice
- Yoga Diet
- Yoga Teacher Ethics & Style

Part 2 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 20 hours 

- Skeletal & Muscular System and Function
- Types and Function of Joints
- Relationship between Asana and Human Circulatory System
- Yoga Anatomy Concrete Practice
- Types of Stretching and Apply Technique
- Terminology Of Movement
- Human Posture Ocular Estimation

Part 3 - Teaching Methodology 30 hours 

- Vinyasa Class Sequence
- Verbal Skill and Speech Technique
- Demonstration Technique
- Modern Pain Condition and management
- Asana Redress and Precaution
- Pranayama and Bandha Teaching Technique
- Chakra and Nadis application

Part 4 - Technique Training and Practice (Own Schedule)

- 5 Categories of Yoga Alignment
- Order of Human Movement
- Pranayama, Bandha and Asana Practice
- Enhance Skill and Prop usage

Part 5 - Class Assistant 20 hours (Own Schedule)
- Class Observation
- Class Assistant ( Minimum 15 hours)

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