Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

Date: 29.30 Aug 2020
Time: 1430 -1930

Tuition Fee: HKD 8,000.00 (Early Bird 7,000.00 30 June)

Venue: Aum Yoga Academy 
15/F, 17-19 Ashley Road, TST

Tutor: Ms. Sam Kwan

Course Signature:


*How to coherent air movements and teach more than 50 asanas

*How to Use Hammock to Strengthen Balance, Reverse, Stretch and Strength

*The main content of the course is Aerial Flow. It also focuses on anatomy. Students will also learn more about the true meaning of the movement and analyze each movement of the anatomy to grasp the teaching focus.

*Teaching class security settings, prevention of injuries and emergency handling

*Q&A helps students to establish their own teaching style and practice methods

Entry Requirement:
Have basic practice for aerial/ yoga/ Pilates / Dance or other sport

 Course Contents (Total 35 hours)

Part 1 – Core Program 10 hours
Yoga Philosophy
Hammock Adjustment and Maintenance
Aerial Asana Technique upgrade and prop usage
Safety and Pre-caution
Teaching Methodology -
Aerial Flow Content Compilation
Class Sequence and Arrangement Design
Verbal Skill and Speech Technique
Demonstration Technique
Accident Management

Part 2 Group Class Practice  15 hours

Part 3 - Practicum 10  hours
Class Assistance
Class Observation

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