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RYT 500 / +300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course


Course Signature:

Focus on physical and mental healing,  and advanced asana practice to understand how to apply  yoga philosophy and its impact on body and mind.

Optional and part-time courses, students graduate within 15 months of self-paced.

In-depth understanding of the arranging techniques, content, syllabus writing and promotion of yoga workshops; tutors personally guide students to complete personal workshops and enrolment assist by schools.

Aum Yoga Academy Course Recognized by Hong Kong Rehabilitation Service.

Certificate can be registered as US Yoga Alliance RYT 500 Tutor.

After the course is completed, you can obtain an Anatomy  Trains, Raja yoga, Wall & Chair Yoga, a total of 4 certificates.  

Course Duration: 15 months

Entry Requirements:

Completion of RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training course / Aum Yoga Academy RYT 200 student 

HKD : 52000

+300 HKD 38000 (Early Bird HKD 35000)

Course Syllabus 

Part 1 Yoga Philosophy

20 hours

1. Yoga History Part II

2. Yoga Vrtti Citta Nirodha

3. Advanced Meditation and Pranayama 

4. Energy and Singing Bowl      

5. Yoga Mudra Principle application 

6. Art of Movement 

Part 2 Human Anatomy 

30 hours

1. Anatomy Trains in Motion 

2. Skeleton and Muscle system Part II                        

3. Kinesiology 

4. Locomotive system 

5. Modern Pathology 

Part 3 Technique and Practical (Own Schedule)

60 hours

1. Asana Practice 

Part 4 Teaching Methodology

110 hours

1. Raja Yoga(Certificate Course) 

2. Asana Adjustment and skill upgrade 

3. Yoga Therapy

4. Yin Yoga

5. Prenatal Yoga            

6. Wall Rope and Chair Yoga (Certificate Course) 

7. Advanced Class Planning & Sequencing 

8. Workshop Content Designing Techniques 

9. Yoga Industry and Career Development 

Part 5 Practicum   (Own Schedule)

80 hours

1. Class Teaching             

50 hrs

2. RYT 200 Assistant Teaching

30 hrs

Part 6 Homework (Own Schedule)

30 hrs

1.  Yoga Workshop  

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