XPERT Aerial Hoop Fitness Professional teacher training is designed to teach participants the skills needed to safely and effectively instruct an Aerial Hoop fitness class. Participants develop the essential teaching skills which will enable them to become a confident and well trained instructor. The multi-level trainings will help instructors grow and improve your knowledge and skills.

The XPERT Aerial Hoop course takes you back to the fundamentals of aerial hoop and gives you the tools to control groups at different abilities, whilst making it safe and FUN!
The Aerial Hoop course main emphasis is on how to teach a safe and effective group fitness aerial class.

*Note: A minimum of 6 months Aerial or Pole experience is required, Pole Fitness Level 1 &2 is recommended but not a required pre-requisite for registration.

Course Date: 5-6 Oct 2018 9 am -5 pm
Venue :AUM Yoga Academy, Room A, 5/F, Keybond Commercial Building, 38-40 Ferry Street, Jordan
Tutor: Symone Dolai
Tuition Fee : HKD 4800.00
Registration Deadline : 01 Oct 2018
Whatsapp Enquiry : 852 93816916

History of Aerial Hoop
Safe Aerial Hoop Working Practice
Know Your Equipment
Rigging and Insurance

Principals of Aerial Hoop Fitness
Hand On Spotting and the Importance
Learning Styles
Ensuring Safe Aerial Fitness – Correct Safety Techniques
Anatomy and Physiology
Class Formats and Techniques

Grips and Holds
Under The Hoop Tricks
Inversion Under The Hoop
Sitting in The Hoop
Leaning Positions in the Hoop
Pull Overs and Balances on the Hoop
Importance of Warm Up and Cool Down
Overview of Warm and Cool Down Including Added Conditioning

Full Lesson Plan

Over 60 Beginner / Intermediate Aerial Hoop technique plus progressions and regressions.

The XPERT Teacher Trainings have a practical and written exam, you must pass both modules to complete the course.

Official Website : http://www.xpertpolefitness.com/xpert-aerial-hoop-aum-yoga-…

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