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Wall and Chair Yoga Teacher Training Course

US Yoga Alliance CEU Unit


“Props help to perform the asana with ease...The student understands and learns asana faster on props as the brain remains passive...They help accurately without mistakes.” (In 70 Glorious years of Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar, page 391)

Wall Rope and Chair Yoga allows us to unfold the space of an asana, create new understanding and openings in asanas by guiding us the direction of movement, that may otherwise be too difficult to practice. Props let us stay longer in an asana, thus permitting deeper penetration and opening in inner body regions. Besides, Wall Rope and Chair can open the joints, esp the spine through anti-gravity actions.


How to use props, including the chairs, blocks, bolsters, belts and the Yoga Wall.

Sequences are taught as a series of poses on and off the wall that highlight specific methods of restoring overall health and flexibility.  

How to incorporate a prop into your personal practice and support student’s in theirs. Understand the deeper effects of a well-sequenced, prop based yoga practice.

Teaching methodologies will also be explored so that students learn multiple approaches to transmitting this information onto others.

How to create a safe practice environment.

Entry Requirement : Attendance Certificate – Completed Aum Yoga Academy Foundation Study 

                                        Yoga Teacher Certificate – Certified RYT 200 / Aum Yoga Academy RYT 200 student 

Course Syllabus 

Attendance Certificate

20 hours

Wall Rope and Props Introduction 

Anatomy for Wall Yoga and Chair

Stability and flexibility of the lower back, hips, legs, ankles and feet

Stability and flexibility of the thoracic and cervical spine, shoulders, shoulder blade

Standing poses, twists and forward bends on the Yoga Wall

Inversions on the Yoga Wall

Alignment and Benefit of each asana

Fundamental restorative poses integrating the Yoga Wall & Chair 


Foundations of a prop based practice and how to access its benefits.

Practice teaching in partners using the Yoga Wall, Chair  and other props

Vinyasa  Wall and Chair  Vinyasa

Sequencing with props including the Yoga Wall and how to tailor for specific physical conditions

Anatomy of backbending

Anatomy of inversions

Advanced Asana practice and Analysis 

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