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4D PRO® Bungee Fitness is the brainchild of physician, exercise physiologist, and Olympic fitness coach, Dr. Homayun Gharavi (MD, PHD).Though originally created to rehabilitate top-level athletes, today 4D PRO® is used by fitness enthusiasts in gym chains and training facilities around the globe.

4D PRO® Bungee Fitness is the latest fitness equipment made up of a set of 4 slingshot slings. It is a sling device invented by Dr. Dr. HOMAYUN GHARAVI (MD, PHD), a German sports surgeon and sports physicist and Olympic coach. 4D PRO® can adjust the minimum six combinations setting. The training mode set for professional athletes, regardless of injury, obesity and the elderly can use bounce resistance to reduce weight pressure and process effective training

Hong Kong AUM Yoga Academy was introduced 4D PRO® to Asia in 2016. It has triggered a trend in Hong Kong and has been reported by news media. It has become the only organization in Asia that can conduct training and issue certificates.

4D PRO® Training Concepts is logical and can be applied to everyone, from professional athletes to non-athletes, to any age group and physical condition. Bounce can bring us four kinds of experience: fun; light and heavy experience; effective body sculpting and muscle training; health and intellectual training

Date: 19-20 Sep 2018

Time: 10:00 am- 18:00 pm

5 hour of practise of  your choice 

Languahe : Chinese

Venue : AUM Yoga Academy 5/F, Keybond Commercial Building, 38 Ferry street, Jordan

Enrollment or Enquiry : 9381 6916

HKD 5,380.00 (Early bird HKD : 4,880.00)

HKD 7,980.00 ( 4D PRO Group Fitness and Rehabilation ) 

Tour: Ms. Doris Li

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